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Friday, September 14, 2012

Woman's Day Magazine Acapulco - TamTheTasteMkr ~ SAVORS THE DELICIOUSLY UNCOMMON LIFE ~ Heaven’s New Address ~ Espectacular, Extraordinario Acapulco

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TAMARA YOUNG  - For Woman's Day Magazine

Imagine a celestial love -- a Mexican rhapsody. You dream of its indefinable linger, long after it’s gone; and “see ya soon,” could never be soon enough. Without exception, this is the vacation you’ll crave.

Nestled on two splendid, deep semi-circular azure bays, lies Acapulco de Juárez, (190 mi) southwest of Mexico City, boasting 360 hypnotic days of sunshine.

 One touch of its pleasure will leave you wanting. Steeped in culture and beauty, situated between the Pacific Ocean and Sierra de la Madreis mountains, Acapulco is Mexico's largest, most luxurious seaside resort.

  Easily accessible, this tropical nirvana is brimming with postcard beaches and exotic adventures. From rafting tours down the Papagayo River and Coyuca Lagoon jungle tours -- to deep sea marlin fishing, scuba diving to shipwrecks -- and limitless first-class hotels.

Make your ascension, twenty minutes from downtown, to the pyramid-shaped, hieroglyphic-engraved, Fairmont Acapulco Princess. It’s where four-legged friends are welcomed with Scooby doo biscuits -- where you’ll fall in love with golden sand and fragrant bougainvillea. Enjoy panoramic views of the Pacific at this ethereal retreat.

Equally splendid, (especially if you’re planning a honeymoon) world-famous Casitas at Las Brisas -- a pink paradise perched high atop a winding mountainside. Captivating views and endless rose petal-filled private pools make each moment, photographic obsessions. One of the top 100 hotels in the world, swim from your living room to an outdoor balcony – then watch the sun set across the horizon.

Another glamorous gem also set within Punta Diamante, (the heart of Acapulco.) This thatched-roof oasis offers Mexico’s most desired tequilas, and picture-perfect ocean views. Quinta Real, Acapulco’s Grand Class Hotel and Resort, is a stunning beach destination, minutes from Acapulco’s Golden Zone, where 160 restaurants serve the freshest seafood -- and thrilling nightlife..

Expect international haute cuisine served in Quinta’s elegant hilltop restaurant, where the chef creatively blends ingredients from as distant as the Caspian Sea. Local favorites: Succulent mixtures of shrimp, squid and clams in a hollandaise sauce with a hint of chipoltle chile (Concha de Mariscos) and, (Huachinango a la Talla,) red snapper rubbed with exotic blends of spices, grilled over coals.

They say, always end at a place that leaves you wanting more. But for gourmands still craving an otherworldly taste, award winning, Zibu is that paradisical place. TamTheTasteMkr tried the sugar cane shrimp pops and salmon ceviche at this Mextai seafood grill, atop the spectacular bay and she loved em'.

And it’s not just the sense of familiarity that keeps 5 million visitors coming back annually. Don’t skip the cruise to La Quebrada Cliff, where since 1934, daring barefoot divers have performed impressive 100 ft., jumps, into the shallowest cove. Even the slightest misjudged wave could cost a diver’s life.

  If voyeurism isn't your thing, famous for its infamously explosive nightlife, Palladium is hands down, the preferred pulsating place to finish your night -- Laser lights, cirque du soleilish dancers and a fabulously hip finale of window dripping fireworks, mesmerize.

Cacahuamilpa’s twenty century-old caves aren’t a bad place to end this love affair, though the discerning traveler’s final night in Acapulco is New Year’s Eve. That’s when a shower of exhilarating stars caress the dark heavens – a midnight fantasy lit with palatial sparkles over the bay.
A climatic cou de gra, sure to make you stretch your arms to the sky.

Tamara Young - Writer - Travelista Beach Bloger:
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